Keep Dreaming Grace - Children's Book

Keep Dreaming Grace - Children's Book

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A lifetime of joy packed into twelve beautiful years. That's how Melody and I describe our little Grace Evangeline. 

Our new children's book, Keep Dreaming Grace, is a small way that our family can share with others a part of that joy that still warms our hearts. Her dreamy thoughts along with her peppy spirit filled us inside more than we ever realized, and we would love for you and your children to enjoy a small part of the same. 

Words cannot express the longing in our hearts to see her again. But, in some small way, we feel her life again when we are able to share with others just a smidgen of the awesomeness we felt when she was with us.


- Raymond and Melody Force




Author:  Melody Force

Illustrator:  Maygan Bamberg

Cover:  Paperback

Pages:  22

Color:  Full color

Publisher:  Hitting Home