Book - Angry Without a Cause, Paperback

Book - Angry Without a Cause, Paperback

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Angry Without a Cause is a Christian Anger Management book that presents a thought provoking look at God's view of anger. It is not simply a book about anger as it is as about your relationship God and your overall approach to life's issues.

Angry Without a Cause presents a scriptural approach to anger management issues as they relate to marriage, parenting, business relationships, church, and internal struggles with fear, hurt, and unbelief.  Topics include:


** God's view of anger

** How anger will negatively affect your marriage

** The need for calm and confident parenting

** Is all anger sin?

** How anger can be a holy emotion

** Why people struggle with anger

** How to overcome anger

** How faith in God can help your problem with anger

** Handling conflict in the body of Christ

** How to deal with an angry person






"The woman that ridicules her husband by making sarcastic remarks and subtle inferences to his lack of leadership and abilities is not only hurting her husband, but also herself. She is not only ensuring that he will have a tough time rising above her low view of him, but she will also end up despising him for not being half the man that she has discouraged him to be.  Deep within, she will struggle with feelings of contempt, since she longs for a man to look up to, but not a man that will look down on her. The problem is that by displaying her inner frustrations toward him, she has become her own archenemy. With her cross looks and her deep sighs, she helps to dig a pit for him that will eventually cause her to become more and more disgusted at his lack of ability to crawl out of it."


"Throughout time, women have been tempted to withhold their love and affection toward their husbands because they fail to measure up to their expectations. A woman that has given in to this temptation must realize that when she holds back from loving her husband because he doesn't meet her standards, she is simply holding her love as a ransom until he comes up with the appropriate payment. This is actually a form of manipulation."


"Physical intimacy has been designed to be a physical expression of what has been going on all day long between a man and a woman. I often tell people that it is the top of the mountain that you begin to climb at the beginning of a day with your spouse. Men, you start that ascent by serving your wife, helping with the housework and the children, organizing a romantic getaway, calling her just for the sake of calling her, and speaking and acting kindly toward her. It should be noted that nothing aggravates a woman more than when her husband comes home and speaks rudely, neglects to connect with her and the children, watches TV for three or four hours, and about 10 P.M. says to his wife, “Hey, how about it?”

If your wife is not emotionally involved with you, then she will typically have a difficult time being physically involved. As far as anger is concerned, a man cannot speak in a harsh and cutting way toward his wife and expect her to undergo an EMOTIONAL METAMORPHOSIS between 10:30 and 11 PM. Generally speaking, it just doesn’t happen. Romance may start for you at 10 P.M., but for her it starts at 10 A.M."


The Church:

"We are all well acquainted with anger. Though it is seldom our friend, it knows no strangers. As a result, after coming to Christ, many new believers are bringing this unwelcome guest with them into the church. To the dismay of their respective pastors and spiritual leaders, it has a way of lying low until it crosses paths with what I view to be normal, unavoidable conflict. Unfortunately, the tongue becomes the medium through which this anger is expressed. "


Dealing with an Angry Person:


"It wasn’t long ago that I would find myself taking the snide remarks and angry outbursts of others far too personally. Looking back, many sleepless nights could have been avoided if I would have only had the understanding that anger is no respector of persons.  In other words, angry people are generally angry at whomever or whatever gets in their way. The problem is not, therefore, always with the unfortunate individual that has triggered the irrational behavior. In reality, the trigger is cocked and the gun is loaded long before the first shot is ever fired."





**119 Pages

**4.25 X 7

**Published in 2007

**Second Edition in 2012



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