Audio CDs-Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting One Another

Audio CDs-Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting One Another

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How to Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another - 3 Part Audio CD Series



There are a myriad of ways that couples find to head toward what Dr. Force calls the south pole. The south pole is where resentment, anger, boredom, a lack of trust, a lack of intimacy, and unforgiveness dwell.

When Dr. Force first started to deal with troubled marriages, he would focus on stopping couples from taking all hundreds if not thousands of ways that there are down to the south pole. Unfortunately, he found that couples were leaving their pastoral care counseling sessions more frustrated than when they began, and the overall tone of the sessions was, to say the least, dark and discouraging.

Finally, Dr. Force stumbled across a better, faster, and more effective manner to dealing with marriage issues. He found that the best way to ensure that couples were not heading toward the south pole was to encourage them to start heading toward what he termed the north pole. That is, he found that if couples would focus on doing a few fundamental things right, they would stop doing all of the hundreds of negative things that they would find to do to irritate one another. Thus, our 2-step process was birthed.  

As a life coach and pastoral care counselor, Dr. Force has walked countless couples through his 2-step process which is Biblical, yet powerful at the same time. In this Audio CD series you will find the following:


**Two hours and twenty minutes of teaching from our Fight for Marriage Without Fighting with One Another Marriage Conference


**Features our 2-Step process to fighting for your marriage with weapons that are not only Biblical, but also effective


 **Learn a refreshing, yet scriptural approach to rebuilding the bridge of trust between you and your spouse


 **Covers the Top Mistake Couples Make in a Fight (This teaching has been helping couples to break habits that have been enslaving their marriage for years.)


 **Learn why you and your spouse are compatible after all


 **See why marriages go bad and how every couple comes to what Dr. Force calls the Pivot Point. Unfortunately, most make the wrong move from there.