Audio CD - He Isn't Unjust, Grace Evangeline Memorial

Audio CD - He Isn't Unjust, Grace Evangeline Memorial

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On May 21st, 2016, my family and I were in a tragic car accident which resulted in the loss of our 12 year old daughter, Grace Evangeline.

About 10 days later, our little community in Ocala, Florida came together with heavy hearts to remember our sweet Grace.  We were also in need of a little clarity, healing, and the peace of God.

I feel the Lord answered our prayers in an almost unexplainable manner in that we left the memorial with a natural sense of sorrow, yet a sense that God had strangely moved in our hearts.

We would like to provide Grace's memorial as a resource to our audience as many have either called or wrote and said how God has used this recording to help them in their bout with pain and grief.

The Cd is 41 minutes of me speaking during Grace's memorial on how to process pain and tragic events from a Biblical perspective.

- Dr. Raymond Force